Patient Testimonials
DxTx medical device products help radiologists and urologists with enhanced imaging offering additional treatment options for the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer.
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Patient Testimonials


Our products are impacting the lives of patients across the world by providing enhanced images to medical professionals. See what the patients are saying about their prostate MRI expeience and usage of our Endorectal Coil.

“My PSA went from 4.0 to 7.8 over the last 18 months. This is my second prostate MRI but first with the endo rectal balloon. At first, I was apprehensive but after, it was a total piece of cake! I felt some discomfort for 3-4 seconds , but after that I did not even know it was there. I came to this center specifically for this procedure knowing this was recommend by my urologist.”

John M.

“This is my first prostate MRI and was informed that I would be getting the endorectal procedure. The insertion felt a little bigger than a finger exam and the pressure only lasted a few seconds. During the exam I felt nothing at all… Not really that bad at all! If needed, I would have no problem doing this again.”

Gregory M.

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