Cervix Endorectal Coils
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Cervix Endorectal Coils

Cervix eCoil MRI Endorectal Coil

Cervix Coil

  • The Cervix Coil for 1.5T MR provides visualization of the cervix and surrounding anatomy
  • Coil technology enables close placement for more detail in small FOV
  • Supports multi-parametric and spectroscopy imaging sequences
  • The Cervix Coil Probes are available at 1.5T for GE (for 8-ch 1.5T ID and 8-ch 3.0T ID) and Siemens MR scanners (for 1.5T ID for Magnetom Avanto, Magnetom Espree, Essenza, and 3.0T ID for TRIO TIM and Verio)
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